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adult story – A Gentle Awakening

adult story Please note the “boy” in the story is 18 years old just very shy and very inexperienced. * He walked over to her where she stood nervously against the door. He grinned his little kid grin and reached his arms forward to take her by the hips and draw her story His nose brushed against the tip of hers, his eyes were twinkling and her heart was pounding. She could feel his cock stiffening against her and his taut young body and all sense of right or wrong left her, this was the boy she wanted. She wanted to teach him everything she knew, she wanted to leave him with memories that would stand story The heat of his close body and her intense yearning was combining to make her face flush hotly. “It’s okay, don’t be nervous. I’m not.” He said softly as his lips touched hers while he spoke. “You know this is a good thing.” Any resolve to resist him was gone now, all good sense disappeared when she felt his warm breath on her mouth and she opened her mouth toward him seeking his and kissing softly and story He was young and excited and wanted to push further and faster but her knowledge and experience took over and she held him back murmuring to him to slow down. Looking into his open blue eyes she took his lower lip between her teeth and tugged gently, she could feel him shaking a little as she released it and softly entered her tongue into his open waiting mouth. His tongue awkwardly joined hers, uncertain how to coordinate this, his lust was getting the better of his discretion now and he ground his hips into her belly urgently. She knew he would not last long but she also knew he was young and could be brought to full arousal again with little effort and smiled to herself thinking this was going to the be night she finally played with her toy boy. She reached one hand up to touch his face and with her other hand she began to fumble for his belt and as she began to undo the buckle she felt rather than heard him groan in her mouth and shudder. He broke away from her embarrassed, “I’m so sorry” he stammered out. She realized he came in his pants and she responded the same in kind a strong shudder running down her back and into her knees weakening them. “Don’t be sorry baby,” she whispered to him taking his big hand in both of her little ones “that just means we have time for you to play with me before you cum again.” The thought of more to come was working up her juices; she could feel them flowing freely and wanted him to feel it story  “Feel me you sexy boy, see what you did to me.” She lifted the edge of her skirt and put his hand on her thigh, he tentatively inched his fingers up to the edge of her panties and hesitated. He looked at her in the eye his breath still hard from his unexpected orgasm and asked her, “Are you sure? Is it really okay?” She nodded her ascent and kissed the boy again as he slid a nervous finger under the elastic of her panties and gingerly stroked the soft hair of her mound. She kissed him with greater urgency encouraging him to continue with soft moans . He slid his finger down to her wetness and she parted her legs involuntarily allowing him access to her centre. He groaned as he felt what he’d been longing to touch all his adolescent life, pussy and it was wet and it was wet for him and he could play with it. He nearly came again; he couldn’t believe his cock was so hard again so soon. They edged toward the bed in the room and she nearly fell as she backed into it. She was reluctant to break the spell of the kiss but she wanted more. Breaking away from him, she smiled as she saw the look of disappointment on his face. “No don’t be sad my love. Now you get to play with my body, touch wherever you want. Taste me; touch me anywhere, anything and I get to do the same to you.” He didn’t need to be told twice and ripped off his shirt and helped her with hers, she reached behind her back and undid her bra released her breasts to his hands, his mouth whatever he wanted. They were not speaking but the room was not silent as they kissed again wetly she moaned loudly at the feel of his smooth chest against her hard story She pressed her self more closely to the lad and took her mouth from his and licked and kissed his neck and shoulder. He groaned and pushed her gently to the bed and began sucking her nipples, she writhed under his mouth. Her back arched in delight as he sat back and looked at her, he could barely believe this was happening, she was here alone with him on a bed and she wanted him to fuck story He just wanted to jump on her and ram it in he was so horny, but he did want to play with her first. “Can you get naked?” he asked shyly. She smiled at him and told him to take the rest of her clothes off…. …if you were titillated by this tale, let me know and I’ll tell you what happened next.

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