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A Girl's Guide To Anal

Even today anal is still a bit of a taboo, more with the older generations then the younger but most girls will simply say "No" to anal and that'll be that, which is a great shame as I think anal is probably the pinnacle of all sexual acts and a sign that a couple love […]

A Girlfriend’s Strapon Surprise

After dating a few months they had great chemistry in and out of bed. A few weeks ago he told her about his anal play fantasy hoping she would be interested but didn't want to press the subject. It never came up again yet he was hoping something might happen. Dining out on a Friday […]

A God Among Ordinary Men

Welcome to my world. I am Jack Sly. Charmer, Trickster and Renovator. The one with the awesome power to bring about change no matter where he is. That's me in a nutshell. A tall, good-looking black man in his early thirties. I am currently the Athletic Director at Bruno College, a small private four-year technical […]

A God Among Ordinary Men Ch. 02

This is the story of Rhea Antoine, an ordinary woman who encountered a gorgeous Trickster and was never the same afterwards. She's a factory worker in Oregon. A six-foot-tall, heavyset, large-breasted, wide-hipped and big-bottomed woman with dark brown skin and short black hair. She's been at the factory for ages. Life as a factory worker […]

A Good End to The Day

I imagine you coming home tonight, surprised how all your snow chores are done. You walk into the house and it's warm, there's a light in the kitchen, and you enter, curious about what you'll find. As you enter I turn around and smile. I've been hard at work at the stove, cooking our diner. […]

A Good Night

Kurt was nervous. She was meant to be there in fifteen minutes, it was quarter to six now and the movie started at six-thirty. She had told him she would be round to pick him up, it would just be easier that way. He had put on his favourite shirt; Navy blue and plain, he […]

A Great Surprise

The story starts with an exhausting day of work. After a long day of work, I walk into the house looking for a relaxing shower and a cool drink. My fiance leads me into the living room and asks me to lay down for a massage. As she is giving me the massage, she whispers […]

A Friend with Anal Benefits

For a day that completely changed my understanding of sexual ecstasy, it began innocently enough. I was attending the American Library Association's annual conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The keynote speaker on the opening afternoon talked about the virtual libraries of the future and what role librarians would have in them. Afterwards, his audience met in […]

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