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A Friendly Bet

BRRRRIIIIIINNNNG! "Shit," I muttered to myself. "It never fails! Every time I get in the shower!" With that, I jumped out of the shower and grabbed a towel, heading for the phone. "Hello," I panted after running half naked through my house, picking up the phone, and dripping water all over the floor in the […]

A Fuck In The Butt

It was one of those moments. We've all had them. They come from nowhere and before you know it you're doing things that you always said you wouldn't. No, by God, would he ever get me to do that! Colin and myself had just had a shower. Separately. He went first whilst I made a […]

A Fucking Ass of a White Christmas

The rain, when it rains, is cool, and the day cools until the sun returns steaming the valley in vapor breath and we sweat for the tongues of our lovers, sustaining their need to taste. It rained that Saturday I walked up the street, so I swam in the cool air, only to later drift […]

A Funny Thing Happened…

Life can be real fun. Well mine is. There I was on East coast of Australia. Staying at a back packers hostel. It was the festive season and being the southern hemisphere summer, sub-tropical hot warm very pleasant. The sea the temperature of a warm bath 80 deg F (26 deg C). Yep you've got […]

A Gift

The holidays had been impossible as far as them getting together with each other with out of town guests and family around at both of their homes. Added to that was that both of them were also traveling out of town during this period. This all added up to frustration for both and a period […]

A Gift from My Wife

Our child was on a sleepover, so we could fuck like cats: loudly. Yay! I was having a very good night for an old fart. She never gives extra credit, so I believed her when she said that she came four times. We did several positions. And there was an interesting moment, when I touched […]

A Girl Called Mickey

For as long as I can remember, I've been an ass man. Not that I fail to appreciate the beauty of a slender leg or plump breast and taut nipple. Far from it. But ever since I was a teenager, stroking my cock to the glossy images in girlie magazines, the primary object of my […]

A Girl's Guide To Anal

Even today anal is still a bit of a taboo, more with the older generations then the younger but most girls will simply say "No" to anal and that'll be that, which is a great shame as I think anal is probably the pinnacle of all sexual acts and a sign that a couple love […]

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