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Why Brad Loves the Mall

This story is about my friend Brad and why he now loves the mall. See Brad was always the quiet guy, the guy everyone always recognized as "the weird skinny guy." No one ever really paid much attention to him, unless it was to rag on him. But Brad was a hopeless romantic… Like most […]

Who Is This Girl? Ch. 04

The radio clicked on. His eyes slowly peeled open. Charlie was cuddled at his side, under his arm. "Wake up. You have to go to school. It's an important day," he said, nudging her gently. "I don't want to go," she mumbled. Her leg moved up his thigh. He nudged her again. "Wake up, little […]

Who Is This Girl? Ch. 05

Dorothy reached for his belt buckle. Tom watched her fingers open it, unbutton his jeans, and pull the zipper down. He was so astounded he couldn't breathe. No girl had ever done anything like this to him in his life. Hell, he had practically never even kissed a girl. Dorothy untucked his shirt, smiling up […]

Why Did She Wait?

DISCLAIMER: No, this story is not real. Hell, it might not even sound realistic. The people are real (although the names have been changed), but that's about it. I'm not big on build-up or character development, so if that's what you're looking for, prepare to be disappointed. I hope you enjoy it, but if you […]

Why I'm Such A Bad Girl Ch. 01

You've gotta watch out for the quiet ones. Isn't that what they always say? I guess I'm living proof that that statement is true. I've always been the shy one, the one that kept to myself, the introvert. At least that's what people thought. I won't say that they were wrong, just misinformed. I can […]

Wicked Game Ch. 14

James used the key card in the lock and placed the card in Beverly's hand, stepping aside to let her enter her room. She turned the light on just inside the door and set her purse down on the table, turning back to him. "What's wrong?" "Nothing." She said, then quickly backtracked. "I'm just embarrassed." […]

Wife's First Swallow

What turned my wife into a blowjob specialist? I ask my wife the other night what made her crave sucking cock so much and this is what she told me. First off she is a master of blowjobs. She says that sucking cock can actually bring her close to an orgasm. It doesn't matter, stranger […]

Wild Child Ch. 05

I'm not sure who was messier, Rita or me. We finally got the energy to hit the shower and the hot water felt good. I used my hands to lather her up as she washed her face. She had her back to me as I washed her breasts. My slippery hands had her squirming and […]

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