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Wild Child Ch. 08

After supper, we were all relaxing. The girls were watching TV, lying on a blanket on the floor with a couple of pillows. I was napping, off and on, or so I thought, on the couch. I woke up slowly, the TV was off and the girls were nowhere in sight, all the lights in […]

Wild Child Ch. 07

The trail leading down to the river is steep and winding but has steps carved into the hard clay and rock. It ends on a very large flat topped boulder about ten feet above the water. I had led the way down and had paused at the edge of the brush line just above the […]

Wild Child Ch. 09

I left the bathroom light on and the door open a crack as Rita and I went to bed. Mary was curled up on her side, snoring softly. "We'll wake her up," Rita whispered as she climbed on the king sized bed. I chuckled and shook my head. "We couldn't wake her up with a […]

Why Brad Loves the Mall

This story is about my friend Brad and why he now loves the mall. See Brad was always the quiet guy, the guy everyone always recognized as "the weird skinny guy." No one ever really paid much attention to him, unless it was to rag on him. But Brad was a hopeless romantic… Like most […]

Wild Child Ch. 10

I left the girls resting on the bed, napping was more like it and went into the living room. My hand stroked my hard dick for a second and I chuckled. It would have been so easy to come up onto my knees and fuck the shit out of Mary. I wanted to so bad […]

Who Is This Girl? Ch. 04

The radio clicked on. His eyes slowly peeled open. Charlie was cuddled at his side, under his arm. "Wake up. You have to go to school. It's an important day," he said, nudging her gently. "I don't want to go," she mumbled. Her leg moved up his thigh. He nudged her again. "Wake up, little […]

Wild Child Ch. 11

The ride home from the river cabin was quiet, to say the least. None of us wanted to leave but we had to. It was almost noon and Rita's parents would be home around six. Mary had to get home shortly, herself. Her mom had something planned for later and if Mary didn't show up […]

Who Is This Girl? Ch. 05

Dorothy reached for his belt buckle. Tom watched her fingers open it, unbutton his jeans, and pull the zipper down. He was so astounded he couldn't breathe. No girl had ever done anything like this to him in his life. Hell, he had practically never even kissed a girl. Dorothy untucked his shirt, smiling up […]

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