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Get it right or do it again

You are standing looking down at your shoes,shaking with fear and shame.You tried to unpack before he caught you, but catch you he did.

“You stupid cunt” he said coldly “You stupid,ignorant,lazy,useless cunt….what have you got to say for yourself?”

You murmured something indistinct knowing that it would infuriate him but unable to find an answer that you knew would satisfy him. When he slapped you hard across the face you were so shocked that you rocked back on your heels and a tear welled in your eye.

“I’m sorry…..I don’t know what happened” you offered.

“It’s not fucking difficult is it?” he said.”You take the list to the shop and you buy what is on the list and then I can make food for tonights’ guests.I don’t even expect you to do the fucking cooking.I am better than you at that anyway,but the least you can do is get what I fucking ask you to get,you stupid, useless piece of shit.”

You could feel the cold fury building in him and when he grabbed your wrist it was a shock that went someway to breaking the building tension in the room. He spun you towards him and tore open the front of the cardigan that you were wearing,two buttons pinging off across the room.Your small breasts were exposed and even though you knew that he was not interested in them, you were ashamed of your nakedness.

”Go back and get the right stuff,fuckwit” he said


“Don’t you even fucking dare” he said.”We live in a village.We have a good local shop.One of the great things about a good local shop is that if you can’t find you can ask.One of the….Oh fuck it! Come with me”

He grabbed your wrist again and dragged you to the hall…to the door and out to the front gate.You were trying to cover your breasts.He didn’t even notice.You could feel the blush spreading from your cheeks down your neck to your chest and remembered hearing somewhere that people never blushed in covered areas,only exposed ones.

He was walking much faster than was comfortable for you and you were virtually tripping up the road as you ran alongside him.
He pushed open the shop door and pushed you through before him….”I’m sorry Mr G but the shopping from earlier was a fiasco so we’re having another go.Don’t mind us”

Mr G looked straight at your breasts and you were aware of how hard your nipples were but he,good tradesman that he was and with the customer is always right in mind,acted as if it was an everyday occurrence……..Mr G went back to his paper

At the back of the shop with his hand at your neck, he was leading you along the shelves forcing you to look at the things you had not bought but should have.Everything was there.You really had no excuse for having missed anything.You were shaking with humiliation and burning with shame.

“Buy it all again….ALL OF IT” he growled “and get back with it as soon as Mr G is satisfied with the payment you have for him.

“But I don’t have any mo….” you started to say,realising as you did so exactly what the implication was.
“Please don’t make me pay that way” you cried “ he’s so hairy and horrible and I don’t think he likes me anyway….and….and…..” you trailed off.

He was smiling at you in a cruel cold way. “I’ll check” he said

You clutched packets and tins to your naked breasts and were not soothed and calmed when he returned as he said “Mr G will be content to take as payment – for the goods I have just itemised for him – one cum-milking from you.
I have told him he can fill whatever hole of yours he wants with spunk and he agrees that that will be sufficient payment.
He will tell me if you are unobliging so if he wants your slack useless cunt or your stupid mouth;if he wants to cover your tits or fill your arse with spunk that is fine by me. Don’t deny him and don’t be difficult about this”

He turned and stalked out of the shop and you watched as Mr G flipped the latch,turned around the closed sign and moved towards you unzipping himself as he did so…..

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