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literotica A Friendly Face Ch. 05

literotica I walked into the house,

adult story

after walking Riley home to allow her time to dress and prepare for our date later today, in an hour at the cinema. As I shut the front door behind my,literotica I my sister appeared out of nowhere and she wasn’t smiling as she usually did. Ashley looked at me, and then where the lounge was where my mom and dad were watching TV together. “What is it?” I asked. Ashley looked at me, and then at the lounge doorway.literotica I “He’s out, he got out?” She said simply. “Who are you talking about?” I asked her. Ashley didn’t have to say his name, her wide eyes and the stare told me who; our cousin Ryan.


I leaned against the wall behind me, and stood there staring into nothing. “When was he released?” I asked her again. My sister sighed, leaning against the staircase bannister, and looked at me. “Three days ago, released from Barlinnie, his sentence was cut short.” This surprised me, since Barlinnie was a major prison back home in the city of Glasgow,literotica in Scotland. But when Ryan was inside prison before we left to emigrate to America, he was being held in England in Wormwood Scrubs prison in London. “Why Barlinnie?” I asked. literoticaAshley just shrugged at me. “No idea, aunt Sarah didn’t say much other than he was released yesterday on parole.” That made sense, Ryan’s mother; our aunt Sarah had been eagerly awaiting his release. To put it simply, one night Ryan got a little too drunk in a pub, and on his way home with a takeaway Fish and Chips supper, he was set on by four youths who were going to rob him. literotica He put up a fight, but they beat him to a pulp. For the next week he was in hospital recovering from his injuries, but Ryan is like me and is not known to forget who attacked him. When he was released from hospital he went after the four guys, and one by one he got to them; and left most of them with fractured skulls, and broken arms. But the final, fourth guy. The one who made Ryan suffer that night, was beaten so badly he had gone into a coma and so my cousin was soon tracked down and arrested for the attack. He was charged with attempted murder, for almost killing the guy, and three counts of GBH. Sadly even when the defence tried to tell the court, that my cousin was fuelled by revenge the Judge didn’t flinch. literotica He was given almost ten years in prison for all charges, lenient most would say for the charge of attempted murder. And so he was sent to Wormwood Scrubs prison in London, where me and my family had been living for a while. My sister took me to see him, in prison and to me Ryan wasn’t a bad man; he was never a bully, and went on in life not wishing anyone harm.



But he was tough, and that was why he went to exact revenge on his attackers. In the years before we moved America, we visited him a few times in prison and made sure he never went without his needs, giving him luxuries and such like cigarettes and such inside, by paying into his prison account so he could buy such things. literotica People left him alone, but a few times he had to fight and defend himself from other prisoners. So assume that he had to fight, to protect himself before he was sent to Barlinnie for his release. “Wow, I guess we forgot when he would be released.” I said smiling, happy he was free now. “Everyone has, even mom and dad. But aunt Sarah is gonna call later, to let them know.” Ashley told me. I nodded. When I went to see Ryan, I learned a lot about morality, and fighting for other people’s sakes. He never endorsed violence, but he said if it ever had to be used then better for someone else’s sake or health. I guess Ryan helped me hate bullies with a passion, and yearn to help others in their fights and struggles against bullies. The guys who had attacked him that night outside the pub, were cowards and bullies themselves. They chose to attack someone who wasn’t in the right position to defend themselves, and enjoyed laying pain on them. They got their jollies from that. “Some good news, for once.” I said smiling. Ashley laughed gently. “So come on, you came in quite happy before I broke the news to you. What’s up?” She asked me. “Oh aye that, well me and Riley have our first date tonight. At the local cinema.” I said with a wide grin. “No’ too bad wee man, how did you pull that off?” My sister asked me. “Well we came to an agreement, and it’s been a good day. I’m meeting her in an hour, so I came home to get changed.” Ashley smiled. “Go upstairs, and get washed and changed then.” I smiled, and left my sister as I went to the bathroom to shower, before I would change for the date. I threw my clothes onto the floor, and jumped into the shower and quickly applied some soap, when the thought of what had happened today with Riley entered my mind. The incident in the park, and then the school toilets. Slowly my cock rose to attention, with the soap and bubbles running down my erect shaft, over my sac and down onto the floor of the standing-shower. I hoped our date would go slower, so we could enjoy each other’s company more, and of course allow the excitement to build to the end of the date, where either we would have sex or come very close to it. But it wasn’t about that, and I thought long and hard in the shower about what Riley wanted; a proper date, where we would talk and just want one another without going straight to sex. Eventually happy I was clean enough, I stepped out of the shower and with a towel around my lower region, I went to my bedroom to dress. I put on some Alice in Chains songs, in the background as I found a clean pair of jeans, and another clean black t-shirt. Dressing, I also checked my emails via my Hotmail account on my laptop. I saw that I had a few emails and updates from the British Army, since before leaving for the US, I had shown interest in joining the British Army, and had even successfully passed their fitness test for entry; which was a mile and a half run, press-ups and sit-ups. But the moment my mother had found out I had done this fitness test without her knowledge, she told me to not throw my life away to go and fight in another foreign war in Afghanistan. It wasn’t surprising, as I had another cousin; Joshua who was in the Royal Regiment of Scotland and had only just come back from a tour, wherein his regiment had suffered several fatalities and dozens injured during their tour. The fact that he was still alive, but was so close to death on tour my mother told me to finish my education first; and if I still wanted to join the military then I could. If I truly wanted to go and join the British Army, I could go back at any time with my passport, and sign-up. But I promised my mother I would finish my schooling first, and I was going to keep that promise to her. Finally dressed, I checked my laptop on the internet for the next showings of films at the town’s local cinema. I found that Divergent was showing at roughly the same time me and my Riley had agreed to be at the cinema, and she seemed to really want to see it since she told me she was fan of the books. I checked the pricing for the two tickets, and grabbed my wallet. I almost never spent much of my money, given to me by my parents weekly, and so I had about $80 saved up. I usually only bought books, and treated myself to diners and such here in town. I knew the ticket would be about $20 for us both, and probably another $20 to cover food and snacks for us. To me it was worth the cost, this was my first date with Riley; and even thinking about it made my chest heave, and I felt out of breath thinking about her. With my wallet and mobile phone in my pocket, I left the house and made my way to the town centre to meet Riley. By the time I got there, most of the shops were shutting and only the local bars, and diners were still open for business. I stood near a bench opposite the town hall building, and waited. I heard a female whistle, and I turned and saw Riley; and God she was not making our first date easy. I began to breath hard, and my cock rose right there and then staring at her. She was no longer wearing her denim overalls, but a pair of faded, blue jeans that hugged her womanly waist and hips, and of course her thick, sexy thighs. She was wearing a pair of black, ankle boots that clinked against the pavement as she walked. She also wore a tight white tank-top, and a red and white chequered shirt over the top. Her hair was in two long, pigtails. She was smiling as she walked towards me, this was a totally different Riley. A happy one, a confident woman. She looked it too, smiling as she walked towards me; her pigtails blew in a gust of wind. She was wearing black eye-liner and shadow, and her Olive skin shone in a very seductive manner. It was then I noticed her heaving breasts! The bleeding tank-top could barely contain them, and I saw the shoulder strap of the purple bra she was wearing. She moved in close to me, and took my arm and held it close like a couple would walk together in public. “Wow.” Was all I said, in a whisper and without warning Riley pressed her face into my arm and giggled. “I’ve never done this before, but it’s for you, for us. I want to feel confident with you, attractive to you.” I smiled, loving this. “You are more than attractive to me, Riley. Fuck now we have to walk to the cinema, with me having a massive hard-on poking out.” I said grinning. Riley laughed into my t-shirt sleeve and quickly pressed her palm against my bulge, and holding it. “I’ll hide it for us, if we get stares.” Riley laughed again, and we walked together across the town square towards the cinema, with Riley still pressed into my arm for comfort. We eventually stood in a small queue of about a dozen people, waiting to buy tickets at the booth in front of the cinema entrance. Riley attentively squeezed my hand, and just rested her head against my arm watching the queue ahead of us. “So what are we going to see?” She asked me, in a very gentle voice. “Well I thought we could go see a film you’ve been waiting to see, for a while.” I said. Riley looked up from my arm, and into my eyes and smiled. “Oh really, what’s that?” I smiled, and nodded to a poster on display on the wall of the cinema; the Divergent poster. “Oh my god! But you’re a guy, why are you willing to see the film with me? It’s a girl’s film.” She said surprised. “A guy who loves a girl, makes the sacrifice at times.” I said grinning, playing coy. At that point, all Riley did was stare into my eyes smiling; before kissing me deeply, and passionately on my lips in front of a few people who watched us. We broke the kiss, as the queue moved and we were almost at the ticket booth. There was an older woman with dark, red hair behind the counter and I ordered two adult tickets for us since we were both 18. The woman smiled, looking between me and Riley and ushered us past into the cinema. We moved into the waiting area, and where you also bought your snacks for your film. We moved to the counter, and I told Riley to choose anything she wanted. She smiled, and leaned onto the counter in front of me giving me an eyeful of her big bottom, but also the guys behind me; three of them ogled her and commented on her beauty as she chose her snacks. Now usually I am not a jealous man, but seeing a woman who I was falling for being ogled by some young guys does make me abit annoyed, and with her tight jeans on Riley was sadly, without intending to giving these guys a show. She was turning her hips, and rolling them as she leant onto the counter; she was in deep conversation with the girl who was serving her, and behind me the guys laughed and watched her. “I’ll have a large popcorn, and large Soda.” I heard her say, before looking over her shoulder she said to me. “We can share.” I smiled, but continued to hear the guys ogling her, and commenting on her body. “I would love to get my cock, stuck between those buns.” One said, with long dirty blonde hair wearing jeans and a shirt. “Yeah, I bet she’d like some rough fun.” The blonde guy’s friend said, standing next to him with black hair and a hooded top, and jeans. I turned to them, only the brown haired guy of the group hadn’t said anything. He looked the sporting type, wearing a hooded top and running bottoms. “Well she’s with me, so the only one who’s going to enjoy her buns, body, and heart is me.” I told them. They went quiet, but the blonde guy gave a smug look. “A girl like her is too much for you, we think you should share the fun.” “Go ahead and try, you lay a finger on her, and you’ll lose your fucking hand.” I said in a menacing tone. Riley hadn’t noticed what was going on behind her, since I was speaking in a low tone to the guys. The blonde one looked at me, and was trying to stare me down; but I wasn’t backing down. “You deaf, did you not hear me?” I said. “Just leave it, Mike.” The brown haired guy said, taking hold of the blonde man’s arm. They slowly pulled him away, and soon they were gone as I waited for Riley. God she may have been unaware of how god-damn beautiful she was, and how stunning she was today. Was she even aware of what she was wearing? How it was showing her curves off. Regardless, the food was served to us in a large cup for Soda and a big box of popcorn still warm. I paid for the food with a crisp $20 dollar note, and I was given some change. Riley was holding my arm, as I carried the popcorn and she carried the Soda. We soon found the screen the film was being shown in, and we stepped inside. It was dark, and there were a few people already waiting as the trailers showed on the big screen, we found a pair of seats right at the back of the room. As we sat down together, putting the drink and popcorn into the seat holders, Riley leaned in and kissed me on my cheek tenderly. “What was that for?” I asked smiling in the dim lighting. “For everything, these past few days have been the best in my life. You’ve given me so much to care for, and about, including you. I never knew there was ever a good man out there, for me, someone who actually even gave a damn about me. No one has, except you, my life was miserable with Connie and no one ever stepped in to stop her; but you did. I just want you to know, how important you are to me. You are my first, and for me I want you to be my last, and mine forever.” She kissed me again, but this time on my open mouth and moved in for the wet kiss we had. The kiss lingered, before we pulled back and sat holding hands as we watched the trailers together. They finished quickly, and the intro of the Divergent movie started. She squeezed my hand, and I knew from the way she was leaning forward she had been looking forward to seeing this film; so I wasn’t going to be vulgar and disrupt the move for her. I didn’t know what the books were about, but as the film got rolling, I understood it’s premise and the story easily enough. Every so often when some romantic scene would play out with the characters, she would tenderly rub my knuckles or my fingers as she never let go of my hand, except to drink or eat the popcorn we bought. When the main female character kissed her male lover, Riley leaned in and kiss me as if copying the scene in her own mind. Eventually the film finally ended, and being a teen-love film you know how these kind of films end. The lights of the room came on, and we saw people in front of us and around us standing up to leave, as the credits rolled on-screen. We stood holding hands, and didn’t bother taking our snacks with us since the drink was finished, and only a small portion of popcorn remained. We soon left the cinema, stepping out into the street outside. “That was a nice film.” I said trying to sound convincing, I watched it for Riley. She giggled. “Yeah right, you made a sacrifice for me.” She said swinging our enclosed hands in the air gently. I smiled, and we walked together back to the town square, and as we reached the darkened street nearby Riley pulled me close and shoved her mouth on mine. The street was dark, barely lit and you couldn’t see us in the darkness, without moving closer. “I want you to fuck me.” Jesus, I was not prepared for this; I had no protection on me for myself, and I doubted Riley was on the pill. “I want you inside me, the first man I’ll ever need.” She said in a purring tone. Christ, had she watched some pornography at home before coming out on this date? The way she was talking said she had learnt it very recently. I’d even promised her mother, to go slow with Riley. Any self control I would have had was quashed, the moment she turned her back to me and pressed her thick, firm ass against my bulge. The tight jeans she wore squeezing her ass tightly together, and now pressed firmly against my growing cock. “God, Riley I promised your mother I’d go slow with you. We don’t have any protection, I have no condoms on me.” Riley was not listening, grinding against my cock and squeezing it between her thick cheeks. “I don’t care, you could fuck me in broad daylight in the town square and I wouldn’t care if you got me pregnant.” Now I love flirting, and sexual teasing; but Riley was enamoured, so much she didn’t know what getting pregnant really meant for her. To her, being in love with me this was just one of those things that would bring us closer together. The problem is I came from Britain, where we have teenage pregnancy on the rise, and a lack of self-control or thought when it comes to unprotected sex. I didn’t want us to have a kid yet, that would stop her education or my own; having a child could wait until our twenties together. But Riley was having none of that, neither of us had any self-control here. We were both young, horny and in lovelove. “Either you stick it in me, or I’ll impale myself on it.” She said pulling at my belt as she continued to grind on my cock. “Riley this isn’t you talking.” I said She looked up at me. “Isn’t this how you want me to talk, to act? Like in the videos?” I stood back, and looked at her puzzled. “What videos, Riley?” She stood back, turned to me. “The dirty videos, you know on the internet. You know you want to be dirty, vulgar and want you to use me.” Riley had been watching pornography, before the date. She must have thought I wanted her to watch some of these videos, and act like the women in them. “Riley, babe. They are actresses, they get paid to act like that and let the man do those things to them. I don’t want you to act like that with me, if you really do not want to or don’t understand it. Those videos serve a purpose, but real sex is not like that.” I said breathing hard, still trying to think of something to make my hard-on go away. “I just thought, men want a woman to give themselves to them.” I sighed, and pulled her over to me and held her close. “Eventually, sex between us will become that, but sex should be simple and understandable for us both in the beginning. Plus we can’t go into this without thinking, we need to have protection for us both. I know you think getting pregnant to me is something loving for us, but it can be premature and set back both our lives. We’d lose out on our education, our early years together. All of that comes later on, when we’re ready for it.” I told her, trying to explain things. Riley nodded, and was breathing herself; we were both aroused. “Come on, let’s get you home.” I said taking her hand, and we began to walk back to her house. Riley was quiet, as we walked home. She didn’t want to look at me, as we walked home past people who were going back and forth to the town’s restaurants, bars and probably the same cinema we came back from. We eventually reached her house, and as we got to her front door she unlocked it with her own set of house keys.

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