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On Loan

Stephanie DeWitt laughed as her husband Jack tried making the various crib parts magically look like something other than oversized Tinker Toys. Like all men since the advent of time, he had refused to look at the directions. Like all women before her, Stephanie was reading the directions aloud after he had thrown his hands up in frustration. 

At seven months along in her pregnancy, Stephanie was not one of those women who was gracefully expecting. At 5’8″ and 130 pounds before her pregnancy, her weight had ballooned to numbers that were shocking to her every time she stepped on the scale. Her ankles were swollen to three times their normal size, making it impossible to wear anything on her feet other than flip-flops. Her light brown hair remained thick and wavy, but she found herself piling it on top of her head and securing it with a chopstick, as she couldn’t bear to have it hanging down her back. She was frequently overheated and miserable. “If anyone had told you what it was really like to be pregnant, no one would ever do it.” It’s like her sisterhood of female friends and relations had let her down. 

Jack DeWitt always went out of his way to never make his wife feel less than beautiful. He knew she was distressed about the weight gain, but they were both fit, active people. He was sure things would return to normal once the baby was born. He was more concerned about his wife’s health. Her blood pressure had been creeping up. He had made plans to take a few hours off when she went to her next check-up. He had questions and his wife’s pregnancy was making her delightfully spacy about remembering the finer details of what was said at each Dr.’s visit. 

He finally had part of the baby bed up and was frustrated at the amount of time it was taking. “I swear to God, Steph, the Space Shuttle is probably easier to build.” 

Chortling, Stephanie stuck her tongue out at her husband. “No, it just has better assemblers who probably read the directions.” She giggled at the glare Jack gave her, loving the teasing. They had always shared the same sense of humor. Stephanie was the flightier of the two. She had earned a worthless art degree and churned it into a blogging site for teaching people how to cook healthier food. She could work completely from home, a plus given that they were about to have a baby. 

She had been advised that blogging would be next to impossible to do while recovering from childbirth and with a newborn around. Jack had recommended that Stephanie hire his sister’s daughter. Amanda Morgan was studying graphic design; Steph had been slowly bringing her up to speed on how to make daily blog posts while she was recovering. Jack owned his own landscaping company and couldn’t really afford to take much time off work. Amanda had proved to be something of a godsend. 

Jack stood up and stretched. The baby bed was finally ready. “The baby isn’t coming for another couple of months. Why did I have to do this today?” Jack’s hazel eyes crinkled in the corners when he smiled. He had sandy blond hair and a boyish charm that still made her heart melt. At 5’10” tall and with a lean physique from running, he was her dream man. Her mother had always told her to find a man who could make her laugh, that it would make the tough times more bearable. Steph had listened to her mother and never regretted the man she had chosen. 

The baby chose that moment to kick her in the ribs. She winced. “Your son is going to be a soccer player someday, I just know it.” They were expecting a boy, but they had decided to wait to discuss names until he made his appearance in the world. It had the added benefit of driving their relatives crazy, which was so much the better. Older, wealthy relatives had promised huge amounts of money in the child’s trust fund if their name was chosen. Sadly, the wealthiest one of the lot was named “Madge.” Who names their son “Madge?” Great Aunt Madge was going to have to offer a lot of zeros before they entertained such a notion. 

Going downstairs, Stephanie pulled the platter of steaks out of the fridge that she had setting in Jack’s special spice rub. He grilled them outside while she made a quick salad with her own homemade dressing. She brought the salad and a pitcher of lemonade out to the backyard patio. 

As Jack was in landscaping, their own yard had to be a showplace. While the front yard looked like it belonged in a magazine, the back was their own garden paradise. Jack had asked Stephanie what her dream yard would look like, and she gave him a wild suggestion of something that would resemble “The Secret Garden” in the story by Frances Hodgson Burnett. To her utter surprise, he designed and built it for her with leftover supplies from other job and bricks he salvaged wherever he could find them. The walls were rustic and mismatched looking, but it made their yard utterly private. Fruit-laden trees lined a walkway, with various benches and little nooks laid out creatively. There was a lovely corner with a hammock for relaxing and reading. In a creative bit of whimsy, Jack even fashioned a man looking over the garden wall as the gardener in the novel did when he suspected the children were playing inside. 

There were more modern touches closer to the house, such a covered patio where they could eat outside. It was encased with a screen that could be opened fully or closed against insects. At the other end of the house near the wall sat a hot tub. The area was so private they often used it while nude. Now, it was Jack’s domain, as her doctor had forbidden her to use it while she was expecting. 

Sipping some cranberry juice, Steph put her feet up on the next chair while she speared a tomato in her salad. Jack soon joined her with the steaks. While she usually ate hers rare, she found her stomach turned over at the sight of red or even pink meat. “You really shouldn’t have asked me to make yours well done, that cow already died once,” her husband smirked. 

Steph munched on her salad. She was addicted to vegetables, so they were eating a lot of salads. As a result, Jack was looking leaner and hotter than ever while she grew enormous. “You like to live dangerously, dude. Don’t you know pregnant women are dangerous?” 

Jack held his hands up in mock surrender. “Forgive me, m’lady. I am but a foolish knight come to sing sonnets to your absolutely enormous calves.” 

Shrieking with laughter, Stephanie stuck out her tongue again. They had both decided a long time ago that the only way to get through all the many discomforts was to laugh them away. They were constantly upping the ante to see who could come up with the more offensive jokes. “For a smartass comment like that, I’m not putting out tonight. Oh wait, I haven’t put out in weeks. It wouldn’t be much of a punishment, would it?” 

Stephanie grinned, but the exaggeration was only a slight one. Along with everything else, sex had become increasingly uncomfortable. She knew friends who swore they continued to fuck their husbands right up until delivery, but she wasn’t one of them. Ordinarily passionate, Stephanie just wasn’t into it. Jack had been understanding and as a result, their guest bedroom had a lot of porn stashed in the closet. 

As they finished eating, Jack suddenly asked, “Next doctor’s appointment is tomorrow, right? What time?”

Consulting her phone, Steph replied, “8:30 AM. I like to have one of the earlier time slots, so that those inevitable emergencies haven’t happened yet. I hate waiting.” 

Jack stood, grabbing their plates. He kissed his wife’s cute nose. It was one of his favorite things about her, the way it turned up at the end. His own family had what they called an aquiline nose. On the women, it gave them a rather sexy, noble appearance. Jack considered his own rather too big for his face. 

He looked over his shoulder at his wife. “I’m going for a run after I load the dishwasher, do you need anything before I go?” 

Stephanie beamed at him. He was so thoughtful of all of her needs. “No, I’m good. I’m going to enjoy the evening air a bit longer, and then I’ll come inside. Enjoy your run, babe!” 

Jack loaded the dishwasher, and then went to their bedroom upstairs to change into his running gear. He grabbed his phone, which doubled as his music player. He cued up some classic Van Halen. David Lee Roth was soon advising him to run like the devil, so he did just that as soon as his feet hit the pavement outside. 

Like his wife, Jack considered his wife’s obsession with salads to have been of enormous benefit to his physique. They generally ate healthy anyway, but with salads accompanying their dinners instead of rolls or pasta, he had lost a couple of inches off his belt size. It made his nightly run more pleasant and felt like he was accomplishing more. 

It also helped with his sexual frustration. While he wasn’t some asshole who was annoyed that his wife’s condition was severely limiting their sex life, he was missing it a great deal. It had been two weeks since he had last made love to his wife. “Thank god for porn,” he grinned to himself. It was certainly giving him new ideas for when his wife’s body returned to normal. He was really enjoying this one scene in which the couple was spooning, the man behind the woman as he slowly thrust into his partner. Jack found it to be very erotic and couldn’t wait to give it a try. It had become his “go to” when he really needed to cum. 

“In the meantime, buddy,” he cautioned himself, “make sure you never let on how frustrated you’re getting. She’s going through so much more than you can imagine bringing your son into the world. Man up!” He found he needed to give himself this pep talk more and more lately. 

That night, after he helped his wife into bed and had her nicely settled, he padded down the hall to the guest room. Sliding in the disk of his favorite movie, he skipped through the scenes until he found it. He didn’t feel like edging tonight, he was tired and just wanted to explode. 

The girl was pretty in a porn sort of way. She wore too much make up and her tits were fake, but she was still eager enough and quite vocal. Jack watched as the guy with the enormous cock pulled her face in for a kiss as his cock head found its way into her pussy lips, parting them. There was always this moment for Jack when he wasn’t sure she would be able to take him. Her hips and pussy looked so small. She could not have been in porn long, but every time, she surprised him by being able to take it all in. “Fuck, take it,” he murmured at the screen. His dick was hard, so he pulled it out of his sweatpants and rubbed at his shaft. He had an average length, but his hallmark had always been his girth. He could barely wrap his own hand around it. He was uncut, something his wife had found exciting. She loved the extra friction it gave her inside. 

Imagining his cock disappearing into the hot young thing on the screen, he moaned. He squeezed his hand around his shaft, his hand disappearing over the head, then pulling back and forth. He loved to stroke the entire shaft, his hand especially caressing the head tightly, mimicking a pussy. If he had the time, he would edge as much as possible, slowing down to just stroke the shaft itself. He could keep this up awhile if he wanted, bringing himself close to cumming, and then backing off. Tonight, he just wanted to cum. As his mind fucked the woman on the screen, he slid his hand up and down, keeping a steady pace and groaning at the delicious build of pressure deep in his sack. 

The lucky asshole on the screen who was fucking his porn dream girl reached around to finger her pussy. Jack liked that part. He hoped the guy thought to do it himself and it wasn’t some director’s idea. He liked to think the guy cared about the woman’s pleasure, even if they were doing this for a porn film. The look on her face changed when he touched her there, making Jack think that she liked it. The intensity of their fucking increased, Jack’s stroking increased right along with them. 

Jack had seen this scene enough times to have it down to a science. He came right as the guy in the film pulled out and shot his load all over Dream Chick’s stomach. “I would have stayed in and filled her cunt,” he thought, groaning in pleasure at his release. 

The fantasy of fucking a woman other than his wife was increasing in his head. Knowing he had no intention of acting on it didn’t do much to assuage his guilt. It had only been a couple of months and she was pregnant. He had sworn to himself he would never be one of those assholes who stepped out on their wives when the going got tough. “Thank God Stephanie doesn’t consider porn to be cheating.” 

He used the private bathroom in the guest room to shower off the sweat and cum from his body. Getting out, he looked at himself in the mirror. He had good arms from the constant lifting and physical work of landscaping. His hands were rough; there was nothing to do be done about that. Jack loved his work; he wasn’t one of those owners who sat behind a desk while teenagers did the real work. Working with his hands to create something natural and beautiful was his passion. 

Grabbing a pair of PJ bottoms out of the drawer in the guest room, he threw his own in the hamper. He kept his clothing in here, for the most part. His wife was a clotheshorse who used up every square inch of their walk-in. Jack didn’t mind. The woman looked good in the clothing she wore and he loved to look at her. It was the perfect tradeoff. 

He walked back down the hall to find his wife fast asleep. He pulled back the covers and slid in behind her, wrapping his arm around her waist. His hand rested on her stomach, only to have the baby kick it. “Too bad, buddy, I was here first,” he whispered. He drifted off to sleep, the smell of his wife’s hair soothing him as he rested. 

The next morning, he emailed his secretary to remind her of his wife’s appointment. They arrived 10 minutes early; his wife was right, it was smart to show up early. There were only a couple of women ahead of them. He looked over as his wife was texting away like mad on her phone. “What’s up,” he said. 

“Amanda,” she said with a smile. Texts and emails had been flying between them once Amanda had agreed to take over the website while his wife was recovering from childbirth. She would be making more money working for them than she would waitressing somewhere and it would look good on her resume. He smiled at the thought of his niece. His sister was several years older than he was. He had been a snotty ten-year-old when his sister gave birth. He hadn’t paid much attention to her until recently. She had the palest blond hair Jack had ever seen. She was a little shorter than his wife at 5’5″ tall, with beautifully tanned skin and pretty, pink lips. Her green eyes were like his own, but framed with long lashes. She had grown into a beauty, no question. Also, a runner, she had a slender, almost straight body with very small breasts. 

His reverie was interrupted when his wife’s doctor summoned them into the room. Checking his wife’s blood pressure, the doctor scrunched up her nose. “You are at 140/90, you haven’t always been that high, have you?” The doctor checked Stephanie’s chart. “Ah yes, that’s right, you’ve been slowly getting higher and higher.” She sighed. “You need to rest more. If you notice you’re urinating less or get a bad headache, you need to call the office. The service can get in touch with us after hours, if necessary.” The doctor donned some gloves. “Feet in the stirrups, Mrs. DeWitt, I need to examine you.” 

Jack was sure he would never get comfortable with this woman shoving what looked like half her forearm up his wife’s crotch. Steph made a face and wince. The doctor frowned, and then pulled her hand out. “You’re dilated to 2cms.” 

Stephanie gasped. Jack grew alarmed. “What does that mean?” 

The doctor looked over her glasses at him. “It means that the entrance to your wife’s womb is starting to open. She’s only 32 weeks along, so I’m not happy. This baby needs some more time in the womb.” She stood up, removing her gloves. “I would be a lot happier if we could get you to at least 36 weeks, but the longer the better. You’re to be at absolute bedrest. You may get up to use the bathroom and to shower; otherwise, you are to be in bed.” She looked at Jack with a stern expression. “And no sex, none whatsoever.” 

Jack closed his eyes. They hadn’t been doing it regularly anyway, but the idea of going several more months was a little hard to take. He opened his eyes, hoping no one noticed. He nodded, saying, “Absolutely, my wife’s health is the most important thing.” 

As they drove home, Stephanie was sniffling in the passenger seat furiously texting on her phone. He glanced over, asking, “What’s going on?” 

Stephanie threw her head back in frustration. “I’m texting my mom to see if she can come and stay. I’m going to need help around the house while I’m laid up.” 

Jack grew alarmed. “No. Fucking. Way.” He didn’t want to upset his wife, but his mother-in-law hated him for reasons that never made sense. He didn’t get it, he was a good man, he didn’t smoke, do drugs, or keep mistresses. He was a good provider, he paid his taxes, he gave her daughter a comfortable home, but Majorie DeWitt made no secret of the fact that she had wanted something else for her daughter, whatever that might have been. 

Growing snappish, Steph ground out in frustration, “I can’t be out of bed, babe. That means no cooking, no taking care of things around the house. You work long days; someone has to keep the show running.” 

“No way, not your mother, Steph. I mean it. If she doesn’t poison my food, she’ll murder me in my sleep.” He was only half kidding. “Let’s try to hire someone. We can afford it.” An idea formed in his head almost immediately. “Let’s ask Amanda. She’s a starving college student. She’ll need the money and she was planning to work for us in a few weeks anyway. You can work even more closely with her on the website. It’s all a win-win.” 

Stephanie nodded slowly. “That’s a good idea.” Swiping the screen closed, she opened Amanda’s last text message and pecked away quickly. A couple of minutes went by, and then an excited reply came back. “She wants to do it. She said she can come over after class.” Steph gave a sigh of relief, then texted her mother back to let them know they had it handled. Her mother would probably be ecstatic. After receiving a pithy reply full of opinions about the suitability of Amanda, she sighed again. “It’s all handled. Let’s just get home so I can do this whole best rest thing.” 

When they got home, Jack settled his wife in their bed, and then ran around collecting things to keep his wife occupied. Her laptop, Kindle, cell phone, various chargers, and other necessities of life were soon at hand. Then he hurried down to the guest room to shift some of his stuff around to make some room for his niece to be able to unpack. He pulled his toiletries out of the bathroom and checked to make sure there were enough clean towels. Returning to the master bedroom, he put his things in their bathroom. “I’m afraid you’re going to have to share your domain, princess,” he teased her. 

Stephanie waved him away. She was already knee deep in drawing up lists for Amanda. His otherwise laid-back wife could turn into a demon when it came to keeping other people organized. Figuring this was the perfect time for an escape; he hurried from the room and took off for work. 

Figuring she finally had things as organized as they could be, Stephanie laid back for a nap. She was always so tired in the afternoons. She awoke a couple of hours later to find a glass of iced lemonade on her bedside table, thoughtfully placed on a coaster. She figured this was Amanda’s work, so she grabbed her phone to text her thanks. 

Jack’s pretty niece showed up a few minutes later. “Hey, Steph. Sorry I didn’t say hi before, but you were sawing some logs.” She climbed onto Steph’s bed and gave her a big hug. Even at 21, Amanda was quite the cuddler. She was such a sweet young woman, without being annoying or cloying. Steph gave her a hug back. The women chatted about Amanda’s classes and a bit about the blog. Amanda reassured Stephanie that she had got the pot roast from the fridge and put it in the oven. They settled in to watch a movie on TV. It was “Death Pool,” and they were soon laughing hysterically at the smartass things that Ryan Reynolds said. They both especially loved the scene where he was taking a strap-on up the rear on “Day of the Woman.” 

Amanda snorted. “My last boyfriend liked that. I think he was gay.” 

Stephanie blinked. She had never discussed sex with her husband’s niece before, but she guessed at 21, it was perfectly normal for her to have an active sex life. “Why did you break up?”

Sighing, she replied, “The usual reasons. I caught him cheating. I had no idea; the bastard had me fooled. I have no idea why, he was getting everything and more from me on the regular.” She grinned, “It all works out for the best, though. I heard recently that they gave each other herpes.” Laughing, Amanda added, “I made a beeline for my own doctor to get tested. The blood work came back all clear. They can wallow in their little virus, for all I care.” 

When the movie ended, Amanda went downstairs to check on dinner. Jack entered a short while later. He bent over to kiss his wife, and then went into the shower to clean off a day’s worth of dirt. He came back out a few minutes later with a towel wrapped around his waist. “Something smells good downstairs, are you cracking the whip already?” 

Stephanie peered over her kindle at her handsome man. “Hardly, I’m a lady of leisure.” The words were no sooner out of her mouth when Amanda walked back in with a tray. 

“Oh, I’m sorry, Uncle Jack!” She blushed furiously; her uncle’s body was clad only in a towel. “I was just bringing in Steph’s dinner; I didn’t know you’d be in here.” 

Jack shrugged. “Nothing you haven’t seen at a beach, peanut.” He squeezed her shoulder affectionately. “I’ll go hide in the bathroom if that would make you more comfortable. I do want to thank you for helping us out.” 

Amanda grinned. Jack could appreciate her smile more now that it was no longer covered in hardware. The teen years hadn’t been kind to the poor girl, but if she had been ugly duckling before, she was definitely a swan today. “I will make you up a plate. Do you want to eat in here with Steph?” At his nod, she turned to leave. “And later, can you show me where to put my stuff?” 

Jack smiled. “Let me throw something on and I’ll show you now. No sense in making a bunch of trips.” He grabbed had some of his workout gear stored in the one drawer his wife allowed him. Grabbing a pair of running shorts and a tank, he quickly threw them on in the bathroom, and then emerged. “Come on, this way.” 

Amanda’s suitcase and a duffle were in the hallway outside the room. Grabbing them, he carried her gear into the guest room and plopped them on the bed. He showed her the two drawers and closet space he had cleared for her. “I store my stuff in here; Stephanie allows me very little space for my clothes. I’ll knock before I come in here, I won’t be bursting in at odd hours, I promise. Will this be enough room?” 

Assuring him it would be, Amanda returned to her unpacking. After living in tiny dorm rooms, this room was a huge amount of space. She had free use of the world’s most amazing back yard and a hot tub. Most college students would kill for this sort of set-up. Once she was finished, she hurried downstairs to make up a second tray for her uncle, delivering it upstairs. 

Going back down, she ate quickly, then loaded the dishwasher, and put the kitchen in order. She returned to her room, which overlooked the secret garden below. She decided to go lay out and get some early evening sun before it went down. Donning a bikini, she grabbed a pair of sunnies and a book, and then went downstairs and outside. She hurried to the back corner where the hammock was located. Seating herself, she glanced up at the windows of her Aunt and Uncle’s room. Their blinds were closed, so she figured she might as well avoid getting tan lines. She removed her bikini top, then laid down and let the sun warm her skin. 

At that exact moment, Jack decided to look out one of his bedroom windows to check to see if the garden needed anything. That large space took constant work. It took his eyes one minute to spy his niece laying out on the hammock. It took ten seconds longer to realize she was topless. 

Whistling under his breath, Jack took a good, long look. His niece was, in a word, hot. She was thinner than he preferred, and she didn’t have much on top, but it all worked her trim body, her lightly tanned skin, and that shocking blond hair. His cock stirred a bit as he wondered what it would be like to have something that young and tight squirming under him in bed. Jack felt a bit of shame at the thought, but that didn’t stop him from looking a few minutes longer. 

Forcing himself to pull away, Jack went into the bathroom and jerked himself off as quietly as he could. Stephanie was listening to music; he hoped it would cover up his moans. For the first time in a while, his fantasy woman wasn’t the woman from the porn. His sexy niece was writhing under him as he shoved his cock into her lithe body repeatedly. He bit his mouth shut as he fired his cum into the bathroom sink. He couldn’t’ remember the last time he had cum so hard, there were splatters everywhere. 

Out in the other room, Stephanie frowned when she heard her husband pleasuring himself. She didn’t care that he tended to his needs; she considered them normal and healthy. Steph did feel bad that she couldn’t help him out with it. Her doctor had been firm, no sex. She felt a bit of moisture between her thighs and grew annoyed. “Oh sure, now you’re in the mood, when you can’t do anything about it.” 

The next few days, a routine was established. Jack made breakfast and Amanda served Stephanie before she took off for classes. Jack came home at lunchtime to make sure she was fed, and then he was no sooner gone when Amanda would return home. She would work on homework until Steph was awake, then she’d work with her on the website until it was time to make dinner. Amanda had Steph create the menus, figuring it would help her understand some of the things that she would be working on for the blog. She’d serve Uncle Jack and Steph dinner, and then clean up, and the rest of the evening would be her own. She would work on homework, or having done, she would enjoy the garden. The hot tub was amazing, and she loved the hammock. 

What she couldn’t know was that her uncle was watching her almost every night, and then jerking himself off in the bathroom. Steph would lay in bed, frustrated, listening to her husband’s hushed moans in the bathroom. Steph couldn’t help but feel terrible. She loved her husband and felt like she was turning into one of those women who put their baby first to their husband’s detriment. 

Then one day, she had a conversation with Amanda that changed everything. 

Amanda returned from class. Steph woke up earlier than usual, so she invited her husband’s niece to watch another film with her. They laughingly decided on “50 Shades Darker” and mocked quite a bit of it. However, when it was over, Amanda laid back and sighed. “Yeah, it’s dumb, but I could use a hot billionaire that looks just like him to give me a work out. I haven’t had sex since the loser.” 

Steph hooted. “It could be worse; you could have your uncle in your bed and not be able to touch him.” 

Amanda grinned cheesily. “Oh, I wish. If he wasn’t my uncle, I’d give you a run for your money. Now would be the perfect time, with you laid up and all.” 

Stephanie giggled. “I tell you, as horny as he’s been lately, he’d probably go for it.” Her hands covered her belly as the baby stirred. “I feel really bad that he’s having to go without. He’s a virile guy; he’s used to getting it a whole lot more, but the doctor says absolutely not. Then after the baby is born, it will be nearly two months before we can even consider having sex again. He’s in for a long, dry spell.” 

Amanda thought for a moment, and then leaned over to kiss her aunt on the cheek. “Say the word, Steph, and I’ll be happy to help you both out.” 

Steph’s eyes grew wide with surprise. “You’d do what, exactly.” 

Amanda shrugged her shoulders. “Uncle Jack is hot. He’s horny, I’m horny, you’re feeling bad about him being horny. We’re related, so it’s not as if I’m going to steal the man away from you. I could be a temporary solution to your problem and get myself laid at the same time.” 

Regarding Amanda’s nonchalant expression, Stephanie could only marvel. She was only 7 years older than Amanda was, but they might as well come from different generations. Stephanie wished she had been that casual about sex. She had only had a couple of boyfriends before she met Jack. While he preferred not to discuss it, she was sure that Jack had a lot more. While she was positive her husband had been faithful to her, she knew his eye wandered from time to time. She considered it normal and healthy. 

“Would this be any different?” she thought to herself. Sure, he’d be doing a lot more than checking out his niece, but if she gave them her blessing, and it ended once she was fully recovered, what would be the harm? She would feel a lot better knowing Jack’s needs were being met, especially in such a controlled way. “Better that it be someone I know and trust rather than worrying about him picking up some woman in a bar.” While she didn’t believe he would, it was still an option. Better to be proactive. 

She looked over at Amanda. “You’re quite sure? You really wouldn’t mind?” 

Amanda shrugged a second time. “It would be fun. He’s hot, and I bet he could teach me a few things.” She grinned. “Knowledge is power and all that.” 

Laughing, Stephanie shooed her out of the room. “I’ll talk to him tonight. Who knows? You may not go to bed alone.” Steph winked, they both giggled and Amanda left the room.

Having no clue as to what was being cooked up behind his back, Jack came home covered head to toe with dirt as usual. He showered quickly, and then padded down the hall wrapped in his towel to grab some clothing from Amanda’s bedroom. He returned and cuddled up to his wife, kissing her belly. “How’s my family?”

He and Steph talked about their various days until Amanda came in with dinner. He completely missed the glance between them. After she left the room, Stephanie said with studied casualness. “She’s really pretty, isn’t she?” 

Jack’s eyes narrowed. This was one of those questions, like “Is my butt fat?” that usually got men killed. “Who?” he said, carefully. 

Stifling a giggle, Steph answered him. “Amanda, silly. I was just noticing today how much better looking she is now. She was so atrocious as a teenager.” 

Still suspecting a trap of some sort, Jack took the middle road. “Yeah, I guess. I hadn’t really noticed.” 

Stephanie shot him a look, one that said he was a class A idiot. “Oh right, I’m sure you noticed. You’re a man who hasn’t had sex in weeks; you’d notice my mother, for fuck’s sake.” 

Rolling his eyes, Jack replied sarcastically, “Oh yeah, if you put a bag over her head and gave her a personality transplant, maybe. Are you sure she’s your biological mother? Did you get switched at birth?” 

Stephanie raised an eyebrow. “Not only is she my biological mother, she’s your son’s biological grandmother. So, watch it, sparky!” 

Jack groaned. “Don’t remind me!” He popped a piece of asparagus in his mouth, grinning. 

Giving up all pretense at bring this up casually, since a discussion of his hot niece had turned into a discussion about her mother, Steph just blurted it out. “I think you should have sex with Amanda.” 

Jack’s jaw dropped. “Amanda? My niece Amanda? My sister’s daughter? The Amanda living in our house? That Amanda?” 

Nodding, Stephanie warmed up to her argument. “She’s pretty, she has a great body, and she’s been horny lately since she dumped her boyfriend for cheating. She’s not looking for a relationship right now, since she’s staying with us, helping us out. I know you’ve been suffering at the lack of sex. I feel bad about it. I think it would be a good thing if we were adults about it and killed a lot of birds with one stone.” 

Looking dumbfounded, Jack grew exasperated. “Yeah, it’s perfect, except that she’s my niece, you’re my pregnant wife, and I’m not going to cheat on you. I’ll never be that horny.” 

Stephanie grew silent, and then said, “It’s not cheating if I know about it and ask you to do it. It’s really important to me. I hear you jerking off in the bathroom and I know you’re frustrated. I can’t do anything about it, but I can lend you to someone who can. Someone who won’t have further designs on you because you happen to be related her. It’s exactly the right thing to do.” 

They talked about it a couple more hours, until Jack finally gave in. He had been jerking off over his niece for days now. Once Stephanie had her mind made up, there was no getting around it. He looked at his wife, seriously. “I have a couple of conditions.” 

Steph nodded. “I expected as much, what are they?” 

Jack said, “I’ll do it once and if you feel even the slightest bit weird about it, it stops.” Stephanie nodded. That only made sense. Jack went on. “Number two, once I’m done with her, I’ll come back in here and sleep the rest of the night with you. Even if you’re asleep, this is still my bed and where I belong.” 

Nodding again, Stephanie agreed. “I didn’t even think of that, but I would want that as well.” 

Jack sighed. “I guess the only other thing I need you to know is that while I’m going to do this, try it once, it’s not really what I want. What I want is to be faithful to you, but I know you, you’ll need me to at least try. So, I’ll fuck Amanda and I’ll probably enjoy myself. But dammit, Stephanie, you’re the only woman for me and I want to make sure you know it.” 

Stephanie leaned over as far as her large belly would allow and kissed her husband. As their breath mingled, she whispered back, “I love you, too, Jack.” 

Jack scooted off the bed. “You’ve talked to her about this?” Jack’s experience was that women always discussed it first. Always. Men really had no chance. It was all that time they spent in bathrooms or whatever. 

Stephanie grinned. “You have to ask?” 

Sighing, Jack started for the bedroom door. “Yeah, right. I’m off, gonna go fuck my sister’s first-born child for you. Crazy woman.” He blew her a kiss, and then closed the door softly behind him. 

Jack sighed after leaving his bedroom. He didn’t know who was crazier, his wife for suggesting such a thing or him for agreeing. Part of him felt like going into Amanda’s room and getting her to agree to pretend they had done it so he could get Stephanie off his case. She was like a rabid dog with a bone once she got an idea in her head. On the other hand, his dick was so hard, he could use it to pound nails in the wall. 

Whatever his thoughts might have been, they all flew from his head when he walked into his niece’s bedroom. She was wearing the briefest pair of panties, tiny scraps of material hardly worth of the name. Otherwise, she was completely nude. She smiled and scampered off the bed. She walked over to him slowly and stopped right before him. Jack could hardly believe it. Where was the awkward woman who blushed around him all the time? Now, she wrapped her arms around him and pressed her tight, young body to him. She stood on tiptoe to bring her face level to his. “Hey, Uncle Jack. I wasn’t sure you would agree to come to my room tonight. Stephanie was sure you would.” 

Jack winced. “If we’re going to be lovers, you should probably just call me ‘Jack.'” He ran his hands up and down her nude back, stifling a groan at the feeling of her warm, smooth skin. “Before we go any further, I want you to know that while I agreed to do this tonight to make Stephanie happy and so we could both blow off some steam; I made Stephanie promise that if she has second thoughts, it all stops in the morning. So let’s approach this as a one-time deal. If it happens again, great, if not, we had fun. Okay?” 

Amanda answered him by biting his lower lip, then pulling him in for a kiss. He gave up all pretense at being a responsible adult. This girl was hot, and she wanted to fuck him. He was now diamond hard and he needed this, even more than Stephanie would have guessed. He mumbled something about “Condoms” with a question against her lips and she shook her head. “No need. Pill.” 

Jack groaned. Bareback, he was going to get some strange pussy and it was going to be bareback. Any thought he might have had about this being a bad idea fled his mind. He picked his slender niece up and she wrapped her strong legs around him. He walked across the room, carrying her to the bed. He laid her down and looked at her, marveling at her beauty. He had seen her semi-nude from his bedroom room several times now, but close, she was stunning. Her small breasts had tiny, perfect pink nipples capping them. There were no tan lines to mar their beauty. He looked her over, up and down. Her torso was so slender; there was only the slightest hint of an hourglass. Her hips were as small as her bust, her legs firm from the running she did on a regular basis. If she had any extra body fat on her, it was not immediately apparent. 

He brought his hand to her small panties. Her hips lifted as he slid them down. Her pussy was shaved bare, something he had always loved. He put a hand between her legs, continuing his inspection. She parted her thighs without hesitation. He could make out her pink lips and his mouth watered. He was going down on that, no question. He pulled his shirt over his head and shed his pants. His cock sprang free and stood straight up. Amanda looked him over lustily, licking her lips unconsciously. 

Jack smiled down at the vision on the bed. “I take it we both like what we see?” He climbed on top of the bed and laid down next to her. His tongue reached out to flick a pert nipple. “I know I do. You’re a beautiful woman, Amanda.” 

Amanda smiled, nodding slowly. “I can’t get used to men feeling that way about me. I was hideous just a few years ago. Now I get these offers all the time. I never know if someone likes me for me or for this new body I woke up with one morning. I feel like a fraud. It’s hard to explain.” 

Grinning up at her as her nerves finally betrayed her a little, Jack said impudently. “Oh, I totally want to fuck you because you’ve got a hot body. No strings attached, little girl.” He sucked her nipple into his mouth this time and she closed her eyes with a groan. 

“That’s fine with me, you big, bad wolf.” She pulled his head to her, so they could kiss, their mouths fusing together. She parted hers for him and his tongue slid in, tasting her flavor and finding it incredibly erotic. She was hot, true, but the naughty scale of this was off the charts. He was naked in bed with his equally naked niece while his wife was down the hall. This was beyond anything he’d ever dreamed about when he jerked off thinking of Amanda. 

Amanda’s hands were all over his back, his ass. She pressed her cunt against his shaft and he just about slammed his dick into right then and there. He was determined to make her cum before he got inside her body. He wasn’t sure how long he would last and he wanted to make the most of the time they had together. 

For Amanda’s part, she was growing very aroused. Her uncle had an amazing body. His rough hands were doing amazing things to her skin. The nipple he sucked ached and she wanted to beg him to bite them until they were sore. She dug her nails into his backside a little to see if he would take the hint. She needn’t have worried, he hissed his breath inwards and he hand found its way to her neck. “Is that so, little girl? My little kitten has claws?” 

Amanda purred a little, and then nipped at his lip. He took it as a challenge and he lowered his mouth to her nipple, biting it back more firmly than she had his lip. His hand squeezed her neck and little bit harder. She arched her back, groaning. He grew more aroused at her firm, young body undulating against him. Her small tits looked incredibly erotic when stretched out across her taut frame. He bit the other one as he pinched the first nipple, his rough fingers stimulating another moan. 

“Fuck, Jack. I love how rough your hands are, how they feel on my skin,” she whimpered. He took the hand that was on her nipple and rubbed it down her stomach, making large circles, his roughened fingertips swirling around, just close enough to be felt. She shivered in his arms. “I have needed something just like this for a while now. I guess I needed you.” 

Chuckling, Jack admitted, “I know I’ve needed you. I’ve been driven crazy watching you sunbathing in the garden. Even from far away, I could make out this amazing body and wanted you so bad.” He kissed her belly button, then released his neck and got between her thighs. He spread her lips open farther to see the juice pooling in her pussy hole. She was already wet and open for him. The pink skin glistened with moisture and the smell was heavenly. His rough fingertip trailed along the edges of her pussy lips, teasing her relentlessly. His reward was watching her body squirm and writhe for him. “Wanting you this much is so fucked up and wrong. Damned if I know how to stop.” He slid one of his large fingers into pussy hole that had been inviting him in since he first gazed on it. Amanda moaned in want, in need. He felt her tight cunt squeeze his finger and his eyes closed as lust stole over him. He didn’t just want to fuck that hole; he wanted to own it in the most primal way imaginable. One feel of her and he was hooked. He would think about that later, for now, he just wanted to bring her to pleasure, satisfy them both. 

For her part, Amanda could feel her uncle’s finger in her pussy. His callused finger was doing amazing things to her insides. She undulated against it, wanting more of everything. More fingers, more depth, more friction, more Jack. She whimpered, begging him to lick her pussy. He chuckled softly, and then accommodated her by lowering his sensual mouth to the core of her body. His mouth kissed her intimate lips, and then he sucked those delectable petals, one at a time. She let out a large groan. It occurred for her that Stephanie might hear them down the hall, but she mentally shrugged. She was doing exactly what Stephanie expected her to do. No reason to pretend otherwise. 

Jack lapped at her cunt’s juices, then his mouth finally caught the bud of her clit and he flicked at it with his tongue. Her hips bucked, and she moaned her pleasure, letting him know how much she liked it. He got to work, flicking at it like mad. His wife had always told him he had a tongue like a boat motor, so he tried that skill on sweet Amanda, to see if she felt the same way. She pulled his head close to her pussy, grinding her sex on his face and started to pant. Amanda was getting closer to her climax and she longed to cum on her uncle’s face. 

Suddenly, he pressed firmly with his lips, capturing her clit so tightly it was almost painful. Once he had sucked it in, Jack held it there, and then let it out of his lips with a sensual pop. Amanda came unglued, her primal scream echoing through the house as her orgasm tore through her body. 

Down the hall, Stephanie had gotten up to use the bathroom and left the door to the hallway open before she returned to bed. She had heard a moan here and there that let her know that they had acceded to her wishes, but it was Amanda’s loud, climaxing wail that made her sit up. It was one thing to suggest that her husband and his niece have sex, but the reality of it was almost too intense. She allowed herself to feel it for a few seconds, the nerves, and panic of knowing her husband was giving another, younger, very beautiful woman such extraordinary pleasure. 

She faced the reality of it. No matter what, life would always be a little different from here on out. Even if he never slept with Amanda, or any woman, again, the fact remained that he had once and at her instigation. Amanda had opened up her marriage, something she had never suspected she would do. Once she felt the fullness of that panic, she allowed it to leave her again. Jack loved her, he loved their life, and he loved their unborn child. He adored his niece and would never hurt her. She felt a warmth of understanding an empathy fill her body, a bubbly feeling that said, “I’m happy for him, I’m happy for her, their happiness in this moment makes me happy.” She liked this feeling much better; it felt more positive than the panic and dread that had filled her previously. 

In the bedroom, Jack lapped at his niece’s cum. It was a completely new flavor and he found it amazing. Her lithe body was covered in a thin layer of sweat and she gasped for breath. “You are going to kill me, Jack,” she murmured. “That was the best orgasm of my life; I never imagined it could be that good.” 

Smirking with self-satisfaction, Jack smiled at her, kissing her pussy. “You’re so sexy, Amanda. You make me want to give you my best. Now that I have you in my bed, I know I’m going to want you again.” He reluctantly tore his mouth away from her juicy cunt. He settled himself between her thighs, the shaft of his thick cock pressed against her slit. “Steph said that condoms weren’t an issue?” 

Shaking her head slowly, Amanda said, “I’m on the Pill, and I was just tested for everything after my asshole boyfriend and I broke up. I’m clean; I would never do anything to harm you or your family.” She gave him a sultry look, one that made Jack want to bury himself in her body. “I think skin on skin is so much sexier, don’t you? If I’m going to take my uncle’s cock, I want to feel his warmth buried in me. I want him to feel my cum coating his dick. I don’t want anything to sanitize this moment, Jack. If we’re going to commit incest, then let’s just take it to the highest level we can.” 

Jack groaned, his mouth lowering to Amanda’s pale pink lips. She had such an exquisite face, looking for all the world like a young Cate Blanchette with the body of an athlete. Amanda reached between their bodies and put his cock at the entrance of her wet passage. “I think it’s time we did what Stephanie sent us in here to do, Jack. I think we should fuck. Don’t make love to me; fuck me. Take everything you need and I’ll do the same.” 

Rearing back, Jack slid home, her wet sheath surrounding his erection. He gasped at the feeling of her body surrounding. “Oh god,” he moaned, pulling half way out, then thrusting in again, just in case the first time was a fluke. No, she felt exquisite. He pulled back a third time and then he started to rut, masculine grunts coming from deep inside his body. His balls slapped against her thighs. At her request, he was fucking her, a dick fucking a pussy. There was no man, no woman, just genitals colliding. That is, until his lips found hers and they both moaned at the taste of the other. Her legs wrapped around him and her hands wrapped restlessly up and down his back. He grabbed them before she could scratch and forced them over her head. This forced her sweet little breasts to thrust in the air and the look of her was so erotic, he nearly lost his load then and there. 

Back in her room, Stephanie could hear the rhythmic sounds of sex and fought off the second moment of panic. She didn’t allow it in this time. She had asked for this lifestyle for the duration of her pregnancy and recovery. Being jealous or insecure wasn’t going to enter her thinking. Jack was her husband. He was Amanda’s lover. Those were two completely different things and she wasn’t going to let the situation get the best of her. 

As the noises became louder, she longed to be able to put her finger on her clit and bring herself to orgasm along with the lovers. However, that was impossible. She also briefly considered walking down the hall to watch them, but decided against it, as she didn’t want to spoil their mood. 

Jack rolled them over and Amanda was soon riding his body. He loved this position, as he found a woman could always cum more easily from up here. He could see Amanda’s body better; she was fucking gorgeous. A flush had stolen over her skin; a trickle of sweat ran through the cleavage of her small breasts. He reached between those thighs, where he could see his cock disappear into her body and started to finger her clit. She let her head fall back, her straight hair pouring over her shoulders. How had that gawky teenager he barely tolerated turn into this goddess on top of him? He wasn’t sure, and at this particular moment, he didn’t care. 

Cumming a second time, Amanda was just as loud as the first time. She shouted his name, which make him groan and throb. He pulled her down and his fist took her hair, forcing her to kiss his greedy mouth as she came. He could feel her juices flooding his bare cock and nothing could feel more perfect to him in that moment. He lifted her head and his mouth found the underside of her left boob, sinking his teeth into it. He would hardly remember it later, but Jack marked his niece while they had sex. With every action, he was claiming her young body and it felt glorious. 

After Amanda came a second time, he rolled her back over and put her legs up over her head. Hanging on, he thrust into her as hard and deeply as he could. He got his finger wet with her juices and slid it into her delicate asshole, double penetrating her body. She shook her head wildly, no longer able to think. Jack was bringing her to another peak and she could scarcely believe how good it all was. 

Letting his balls go, Jack groaned to his lover, “I’m going to fill you up, little girl.” The words sent her over the edge. As Jack pumped several days’ worth of seed into his niece, she came loudly as well. They ground their sexes against each other as hard as they could, seeking to grasp every bit of pleasure out of this as they could. 

When he was sated, Jack rolled over again, Amanda settling on top of him. Still joined, they kissed deeply. Struggling to catch his breath, he played with her hair; bring a lock to his nose so he could smell it. Then he tugged her close, his lips meeting her own. Their tongues tangled, and they murmured sexy words of satisfaction to each other. 

“I hope to fuck that Steph is still cool with this, because it would really suck not to experience that again,” Jack whispered. His hands ran down her body and cupped her small ass. “One time could never be enough with a woman like you.”

Amanda gave Jack a half smile. “Stephanie seemed pretty positive about all of this. I’m glad she thought it was a good idea. I have been dying of horniness. I never thought of you that way, but after today, it would be hard to think of you as anything but.” 

Chuckling, Jack’s ego grew just a little bit larger. It was great to know that a woman of 21 would find him to be a good lover. He supposed he wasn’t old enough to be considered a crusty old codger, but at 10 years Amanda’s senior, he felt a lot older. He owned a business, he had a wife, a home, a baby on the way, and now he had a mistress. 

The thought nearly stopped his heart. He had sworn to himself he would never do something like this, but now that it had happened, he knew he loved it. He hadn’t had sex with another woman since meeting Stephanie. He never thought he would. However, the door was open now, and he was going to want Amanda again. 

They cuddled in each other’s arms, giggling about silly things until those laughs turned to moans. Sex the second time around was less frantic, yet passionate. Jack flipped his niece over on her stomach and fucked her in the flat doggy position. Amanda actually whimpered as his cock entered her slowly. His hands gripped her ass hard enough to leave marks in her creamy skin. She gripped the pillows, tears actually coming to her eyes from the exquisite agony of his sex, their sex. 

When Jack came into her tight little cunt for the second time, they were both spent. Jack nearly fell asleep with his cock buried inside his lover until he remembered he had said he would sleep with his wife. He kissed Amanda on the cheek, thanking her. She rolled over long enough to kiss him warmly in return. He kissed the tip of each breast, and then chuckled. “I had better go before this ‘goodbye’ turns into a ‘hello,'” he said, his eyes smiling. Amanda grinned back, and then rolled over to drift off to sleep. 

Jack walked down the hall to his room. He stopped in the bathroom long enough to pee, and then stumbled half asleep out to his bedroom to climb into bed with his wife. Stephanie rolled over to snuggle him. She laughed. “You smell like her, you know that?” 

Grateful his wife couldn’t see his face, Jack blushed in the darkness of their bedroom. He hadn’t thought about that aspect of this. “Do you want me to shower, babe?” 

“Nah,” Steph said. She moved closer to sniff his face. “She smells good and I can tell you enjoyed it. I have a feeling it was what you both needed.” 

Jack stretched lazily. “Yeah, I never would have thought to do that, but it did turn out great. The newness factor, as well as the fact she’s my niece made the naughty factor off the charts.” He rolled over, his finger tracing Steph’s nose. “How are you feeling about it?” 

Stephanie gave her answer some thought. “I could hear you, you know? I let a little bit of panic in, but almost as quickly, it was gone. It’s a practical answer to our current situation and I’m glad it happened. I have no objection to it continuing.” 

Having heard her answer with relief and just a touch of guilt, Jack kissed his wife, and then spooned her as they both fell asleep. Whatever happened next, his marriage was intact. The fact that he had an amazing new lover was just the icing on the cake. 

The next morning, Amanda awoke in her bed, alone. She stretched, grinning. Her body was full of next-day soreness, and she loved it. She never could have dreamed that her uncle could fuck like that, let alone that she could fuck him so well in return. She did a quick survey of her body and laughed when she saw the bite mark on her breast. He had marked her! She laughed again. Wondering if he even remembered it, Amanda got up and headed into the bathroom. As she was washing her face, she heard her bedroom door open. She poked her head out the door to see Jack digging through the dresser for some of his things. 

He looked up at her and grinned at her nude form, her face covered in soap bubbles. He was still getting used to the fact he could see her naked whenever he wanted. “I forgot to grab some of my stuff last night. I was a little distracted, after all.” 

Once Amanda had rinsed her face, she walked back out to the bedroom and wrapped her arms around Jack’s torso. “I woke up feeling so amazing this morning, so amazing and sore!” She laughed. Her finger touched the mark on her breast. “When did this happen?” 

Jack leaned closer and kissed the mark. “I had this irresistible impulse to do that. I hope you don’t mind wearing my mark for me, sweetheart.” He tweaked a pert nipple. 

Amanda growled a little. “I love it that you just reach out and handle the merchandise. I feel so comfortable around you already.” She stood on her tiptoes and planted a warm kiss on his face. “How was Steph about all of this?” 

Jack’s gaze was heated. He was sorely tempted to fuck her again before he headed off to work. “She seems fine. She could smell you on me and I had this ‘oh shit’ moment, but she was cool. She said she thinks we all did the right thing and has no problem with it.” 

Amanda gave him a saucy grin. “I guess that this means we are officially lovers, then.” She kissed his hand, a rather touching gesture. Jack kissed hers in returned, then pulled her close. Amanda hugged him back, her nude form pressed against him. They remained like that a few moments, just enjoying the feel of each other and the growing connection between them. 

“I never expected to do something like this, Amanda. I had always thought I would be faithful to my wife. I prided myself on it. There’s a little bit of guilt there, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. What overwhelms it all is the way you felt last night. You’re an incredibly lovely person. It means so much to me that we are sharing this experience together. Now that we have started this, I can honestly tell you that there is no one else I would have trusted.” 

A dimple appeared in Amanda’s cheek. “I would say the pleasure is all mine, but we’d both know I’m lying. We both felt the heat last night, we both got our rocks off, and it was fucking wonderful.” She kissed him again, her tongue tangling with his. She felt a gush of juice fill her pussy and she moaned into her uncle’s mouth. They both attacked each other, the clothes in his hand dropping to the floor unheeded. She gasped as he spun her around suddenly, bending her over the bed. He grabbed his dick out of his pants and shoved it into her cunt. He started rutting, those sexy grunts of his that she loved so much last night, erupting out of his chest. 

Tossing her hair over her shoulder, she looked back at Jack. He has such a wild look on his face as he fucked her body. His dick was making quick jabs in and out of her pussy, stimulating her clit and before she could even form the next thought, she came loudly. Her toes curled, digging into the pile of the carpet below her feet. Jack smacked her ass and shouted, “That’s it, cunt! Cum for me. Soak my dick, you sweet little slut.” Amanda rode the wave of her first orgasm into her second, a cacophony of sounds erupting from her, his name combined with the same course language he was using. They were both playing a dirty, raunchy game and they both were getting off on it. 

Ten minutes later, Jack felt his dick erupt, filling his niece’s pussy with his seed for the third time in less than twenty-four hours. He stood still, his eyes closed, warm feelings stealing all over his body at the sheer pleasure of having fucked something so roughly. He pulled his dick out, watching some of his load come out with it. He had the good fortune to see it run down her shapely, trim legs. He pulled her hair, forcing her mouth to his, giving her a long kiss. “I should get going. That was fucking awesome. I’ll see you tonight.” 

After he had left, Amanda showered, and then hurried downstairs to get Stephanie’s breakfast ready. As she approached the master bedroom, her nerves started getting the better of her. This had all been at Steph’s instigation, she kept telling herself. She knocked on the bedroom door, and then entered.

Stephanie was curled up in bed, her kindle resting on her pregnant belly. She glanced up at the younger woman as she entered with her breakfast tray. “Oh hey, Amanda. Come on in.” She indicated for Amanda to set the tray down, and then patted the bed next to her. “Everything go okay?” 

Amanda flushed. “Yeah, it was really good. A lot of fun. I really can’t thank you enough for lending him to me.” 

Steph munched on some sliced fruit, waving a bit of apple at her. “No need to thank me. Just enjoy and make sure that Jack is satisfied. That’s all the thanks I need.” She lowered her voice conspiratorially, which was silly since they were the only two in the house. “I heard you howl last night, it sounded really hot.” 

Giggling, Amanda nodded. “It was really hot. I think the moment you are talking about was when I came when he gave me oral. I was so pent up and he just released all that energy and it was like an explosion.” She watched Steph drink her OJ and eat some yogurt. She seemed to be enjoying a normal morning; they could have been talking about a show they had watched on TV. It felt very normal and natural. 

Getting brave, Amanda asked, “Want to see my souvenir?” Steph laughed, knowing her husband’s predilection for leaving marks. When she nodded, Amanda lowered her top and bra, so that the mark on her breast was clearly visible. 

“Wow,” Steph said, nodding with a pleased look on her face. “He really must have been into the moment to give you one like that. He just turns into this beast and there’s no stopping him when he’s like that.” She winked. “Way to go.” 

Once Steph had finished eating, Amanda cleaned up, and then headed off to class. The soreness in her thighs kept giving her reminders of last night. Her stomach kept flipping over in lust every time she thought about it. She could hardly wait for Jack to fuck her again. He was the best lover she had ever had, and she wanted to enjoy him every chance she could get. 

Amanda allowed herself to think about that for a minute. She had affairs with married men before. This wasn’t a new experience for her by a long shot. Whenever she wasn’t in a relationship, she generally hooked up with someone married on the sly. It kept things simpler for her when she wasn’t in the mood to commit. What made this different is that he was family and his wife knew all about it. Did any of this make her a slut? She supposed it did, but she had spent her high school years practically dateless. Didn’t she deserve a good time now? 

Once class was over, she hurried home and started working on dinner, then checked on Stephanie. She was still sleeping, so Amanda took her books down to the kitchen and did her homework while dinner cooked. She was taking leftover pot roast and making a stew of it. It was easy and tasty; she hoped that her uncle and his wife enjoyed it. Quick biscuits were rolled out and ready to throw in the oven. 

Amanda looked up as the front door opened. It was Jack coming home from work; her cunt tightened as he walked in, giving her this sexy, lazy grin. He walked over to the island where she was working and gave her a long, slow kiss that made her toes curl. When they came up for air, she laughed. “I could get used to that kind of greeting.” 

Smiling, Jack kissed her nose. “You’d better get used to it, sweetheart.” He looked down at himself. “I’m dirty, I’m going to see Steph and hop in the shower. See you when you bring up dinner?” Amanda nodded, then put aside her books and slid the biscuits in the oven. She tossed a quick salad; Steph couldn’t seem to get enough of them, and then pulled the biscuits out of the oven. She made up one large tray for both, with bowls of stew, a small basket of biscuits and the salad all perched on top of it. 

When she entered the bedroom, Jack was cuddling his wife, his hand on her belly. This was the first time all three of them were in the same room together and it should have been awkward, but it wasn’t. Amanda set dinner down, and then asked, “Is the baby active?” 

Jack smiled. “Oh yeah, our little soccer player is really getting his licks in right now. I think he smelled your dinner.” Amanda beamed at them, and then gave Steph a quick hug. “Make sure you eat, now. I’ll be back to collect all that in a bit. She impulsively leaned over to give Jack one as well, and was stunned when he gave her a loving kiss right in front of his wife. 

When they pulled away, Amanda shot Steph a look, her face coloring. Stephanie just laughed. “We really need to bring you up to speed when we decide something. I told Jack not to hold back from displays of affection. I can handle it and it seems fake otherwise. Just enjoy each other, I know I am.” 

With a nod, Amanda gave her another hug, and then left the room to give them some privacy. She went downstairs to eat and clean up. Jack came down with the tray about thirty minutes later as she was finishing her homework. He put it into the dishwasher with the rest of the dishes, and then started it. “Stephanie was tired and went to sleep. Do you feel up to a soak in the hot tub? I have some kinks, I can’t quite figure out where they came from.” 

Amanda winked at him. “I seem to have those same kinks.” When he offered her his hand, she took it and followed him out to the hot tub. When they got to it, she made short work of her clothing. Stretching her pert body, Amanda looked down at her breast to see the mark he had left. Looking up, she caught Jack looking at it as well. “It’s going to take a while to go away. I showed it to Steph this morning. She was pleased.” 

Laughing, Jack shook his head. “Crazy, I tell you. I was dumbfounded when she told me she wanted me to be affectionate with you in front of her. The reality of it, the lack of pretense, seems to be important. I’m going along with it, but the first time felt a little weird.” 

Nodding, Amanda agreed with him as she climbed into the bubbling hot water. She groaned as the jets pounded her sore muscles. “Oh, fuck me, this feels good.” Enjoying the sensation, a moment, she added, “I was pretty surprised, but she seems completely cool with it. I am not ready for this to end, so whatever she wants, I’m willing to accommodate.”

Jack joined her in the tub, letting the jets ease his own aching muscles. He groaned as well, his head lowering to allow access to his neck. “My understanding is that this all ends when she can have sex again, is that what she told you?” 

Thinking a moment, Amanda nodded slowly. “I think so.” She frowned, trying to remember. “You know, I don’t remember her expressly saying that. It was just my impression, I think.” She slid over to Jack, straddling his lap, her breasts pressed against his chest. “It’s not really my place to clarify it. I do think it makes sense to let more than 24 hours go by before we even worry about it.” 

Jack wrapped his arms around his sexy niece, pressing his hands against her bottom. Her cunt pressed against his already-hard dick and he hissed in his breath at the feeling of her. “I’m going to be honest, Amanda. I love my wife, and whatever she says, goes. I’m not going to give up my wife or son for anything. Having said that, now that I’ve had you, I don’t know how I would ever stop wanting this.” He tugged her closer, kissing her mouth. “I know I’m in lust right now, but it’s like you’re my own personal drug.” 

Writhing against her uncle’s firm body, Amanda responded with more kisses, more sexy, little moans. Her long, pale hair clung to her back, a veil of quicksilver against her tanned skin. He brought a hand up to pinch one of her sweet nipples, loving the way she gasped, and her head fell back. His erection was already throbbing with need. He brought her breast to his mouth and suckled at it, if he were a baby, he would be drinking his fill. 

His hands wandered. One of them found her pussy. She was so slick and warm there, a different texture than the water that bubbled around them. She had found his cock, her smaller hand wrapping around it. They teased and petted each other into a frenzy of need. Jack felt bewitched, completely under the spell of his lovely niece. When she pushed his head into her slick passage, he groaned and pulled her hips down. 

Amanda moaned when her uncle’s shaft filled her young body. She loved the stretch, the tugging of her delicate skin. She followed the rhythm his hands set at her hips, the water rippling around them. The night air was soon filled with their moans. Jack kissed her delectable mouth more urgently. His hands squeezed her ass, his roughed fingers working a magic on her skin. One of them teased her asshole, feeling it dilate for him. He groaned at the thought of fucking her dirty hole as she whimpered with pleasure. Her movements became more frantic and she came as he doubly penetrated her body. 

“Oh god,” she murmured into his ear as her climax dimmed. “I don’t know how you do that to me, but please keep doing it.” She kissed him lazily, her tongue tangling slowly with his own. “I’ve had my share of lovers, dear uncle. No one has made me feel this way.” 

Feeling rather proud in that heady moment, Jack gave in to the urges of his balls and with a few thrusts, it was his turn to shout as he released another load into his niece’s tight pussy. As he came, he kept saying her name over and over against her lips, desperate pleas. They were under each other’s skin, completely into the moment and it was hard to let it go. 

Slowly returning to earth, Jack smiled at the look of utter bliss on Amanda’s face. He knew if he lived to be a hundred years old, he would never forget her beauty in this moment. His softening cock was still buried inside her, and he was reluctant to pull out just yet. It felt so perfect to stay connected in this way. 

Opening her eyes, Amanda smiled contentedly. “We have to do this again. More hot tub nights, definitely.” She giggled, playful now that she had been sexually satisfied. She splashed him in the face with some of the water and soon a war had erupted, albeit one that was conducted with his dick still lodged in her pussy. They were both laughing uproariously. Finally, they got out of the water and grabbed some old towels that were stored in an outdoor cabinet. Taking turns drying each other’s backs, the sun on their skin, they were both very relaxed, inside and with each other. 

They went back inside. Amanda threw her clothing back on and went to check on Stephanie. She was curled up asleep. Pulling the door quietly shut, she stopped by her room to wash off the chlorine. Finding Jack in her shower, she joined him, and they soaped each other playfully. Once they were out of the shower, they dried off and went back downstairs to watch some TV. Each took turns checking on Stephanie. Finally, Jack yawned and stretched. “I’m getting tired. Can I tuck you in or are you going to stay down here and watch some more?” 

Smiling, Amanda said, “I’ll go for the tuck in, Uncle Dearest.” He scooped her up in her arms and carried up the stairs to her room, not stopping until he had deposited her into her bed. She was wearing a robe over her nude body. He pulled it from her, his breath catching at her beauty again. 

He stared for the longest time. “You really are perfect, you know that? I look down at you and it takes my breath away to see you like this. We’ve done things in the last couple of days that no uncle and niece should do. I’m not supposed to know what you look like nude. Now that I do, I can’t imagine not seeing it.” He crawled across the bed, his lips finding her own. His hands tangled in her silken hair as he kissed her deeply. She moaned into his kiss, her legs curling around him. Before he knew what hit him, he was hard, throbbing and in need of her body again. 

Feeling his erection probing her, pressing against her sex, she smiled into his kiss. “Again, Jack? You are definitely doing a great job of keeping up with me.” Jack sputtered. He wasn’t that much older than her, 31 wasn’t old. 

He parted her thighs and slid back into her welcoming depths. “Let’s see who can keep up with whom, little girl.” He thrust hard, much harder than he had up until now. He had just cum; he knew he could keep up this pace long enough to give this sweet lover of his more than a few orgasms. He pulled her ass into the air, her head dangling down towards the bed. Her back arched and he gasped at how sexy she looked as he pounded her sweet flesh. Her pale hair pillowed out around her. Jack would swear that she was either a goddess or a demon from hell sent to drive him insane. 

“Fuck me, Jack,” she snapped out, her face curled up into a snarl. “Rip my pussy open, punish me, and make me sorry I teased you. I’m such a little bitch sometimes; I need to be taken in hand. Are you man enough to do it?” 

Inflamed, he thrust into her even harder, shouting in satisfaction when he felt her cunt spasm around his erection. She was cumming all over his shaft and the sensation was so erotic, he couldn’t breathe for a moment. That didn’t stop him for continuing to nail this dirty girl hard. “Fucking yeah, you talk big, but then you’re cumming, aren’t you, beautiful whore.” He kept fucking her, pulling a second orgasm out of her, then a third. Neither of them cared anything about stopping, his cock grinding in and out, it was the fuck of year. The fuck of the century. It was raw, earthy fucking. There was no love here, just intense, animalistic sex. They both craved it, two sexual creatures finding an equal and while they had been startled at first, they now recognized what they had and reveled in it. 

Jack was good, but he was still just a man. Eventually, he had to cum and when he did, he nearly shouted the house down. This was just too good, and he forgot all about his wife sleeping down the hall. He came with every fiber of his being, his load creaming the walls of his hot niece. When the last drop had been deposited where it belonged, he let her ass fall to the bed. He sank back on his haunches, his arms sagging at his side. He was spent, body and soul. Amanda partially rolled over, and he summoned up the last bit of energy he had to spank her small ass. 

“We do that too many more times, I’m a dead man.” He gasped, his breathing still returning to normal. 

Smiling up at him with the wisdom of Eve that men find so baffling and unable to resist, Amanda replied, “But what a way to go, right?” She crooked her little finger to him and he bent down to kiss her cheek. He felt her dimple deepen as she smiled even more. He stood, taking his last look at her for the day. 

“You would be worth it, indeed.” He rubbed her ass, then turned and left the room.

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