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exotic stories Every Guy having a platonic relationship with a girl no matter how much he protests to the contrary, at least once, wonders what it would be like to fuck her, maybe it’s just curiosity or maybe it’s the millions of years of evolution dictating his thoughts, but every guy has them. exotic stories […]

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Adult Stories

Adult Stories A giant thanks to my second pair of eyes from Across the Pond, Irfon. *** All characters are portrayed over the age of eighteen. *** “Man, Kristen has got an ass on her. You can’t believe what we did last night.Adult Stories I’ve got that bitch sucking my dick like a pro.” Jason […]

xxx stories freshman Gains exotic

xxx stories Marjorie Foster, usually called Margie, is from a small town and is finding her Freshman year at the very large State University to be a difficult experience. The size and complexity is intimidating. The large number of people all with their own agenda bustling around her leaves her rather stories The only […]

A French Connection

To say that Peter was a Francophile was probably an exaggeration but he did like France and had spent a lot of time there on business, albeit mainly in and around Paris. But Paris wasn't the real France – not the beautiful rural part of central France oft overlooked by the once-a-year visitor and on […]

A Foot in the Dark

I used to fantasize about an older man when I was 18. He was a family friend who was married, and I really liked his wife, but there was something about him that was so sexy. He was almost 40, but he was so confident, possessed, and whenever he was over I found myself looking […]

A Fling in Florence

My name is Laura. I am a sophomore in college and I have never had sex. Yes, I know it might be surprising, but it's the true. I had the same boyfriend during all four years of high school. He was the head receiver for the football team, popular, and had decent grades. We started […]

A First, My Friend's Sister Ch. 03

Jeanie led me by the hand into the hotel. My heart was racing in anticipation as we crossed through the lobby to the elevator. She led me inside and pressed our floor number. As soon as the doors closed she pulled me into her wordlessly. Our mouths found one another and we kissed passionately, tongues […]

A First, My Friend's Sister Ch. 02

I held Jeanie's hand to help her into the limo. As she brushed by me, again I caught the scent of her perfume and it made my knees go weak. She was absolutely radiant tonight; everything about her was perfect. Her olive skin gleamed, her smile warm and tender, her hair held up elegantly with […]

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